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Needs a lot of work

I tried this app, but almost immediately got frustrated. I was adding things like airports, aircraft, etc., and the app makes it difficult to do, as it is very strict on what you can enter and how it displays information in the log. For example, it displays the aircraft by its tail number, not by the kind of plane -- how does that make sense?!? I want to logbook to say "Twin Otter", not "A259X". There are a lot more example of this, and what makes it worse it that you cant go back in and edit things you have entered. I wanted to cheat the system and change the tail number and aircraft description around so that it displayed the way I wanted, but it wont let me edit it. I also cant delete entries -- all I can do is add more. DUMB! So, I deleted the app and found another (better) one.


Best skydiving Log Book on the AppStore

It is good

But you should include static line shouts for us army jumpers

Nice program. Few questions.

Is there some place I can have someone sign my jump? If not, there should be. Also, being able to easily delete items (canopies, drop zones, etc.) is not possible. You need to delete all the jumps with those items listed in order to remove it from the list of selections. Can you makes listed items deletable with a finger swipe? Other than that, great app.

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